How to get free Bats, the new Clash Royale Card

Attention Clash Royale players, congratulations, a new Card has arrived at the Supercell game. And if that was not enough, let’s show you how you can get it totally free.

The new Card responds to the name of ‘The Bats’ and we will be able to acquire it free in the election challenge that is available this same weekend. We will have the possibility of acquiring it before it is launched officially, which will happen next July 7.

Get the new Clash Royale Card for free

The way to get new Cards in this game has been the same for the last few months. When it is confirmed that it is going to be launched officially, a challenge is realized with which we have the possibility of obtaining it, yes, according to the rarity of the Card we will have to get a number or another of victories.

In this case it is a common Card, and we can get it through the election challenge already seen on previous occasions, whose first participation is totally free. It consists of choosing Cards that will be going out in pairs, specifically eight, the ones we do not choose will be for our opponent, just like him, the ones that disCard will be for us.

As you can see in the previous image, we have access to different prizes related to the victories that we get in the challenge. They are all very well if you beat it by using this Clash Royale Cheats tool, but the ones that really matter are the 8 and 12 wins, this is where we will get 50 and 500 Cards respectively of the new, the Bats.

If we only reach the 8 victories we can be satisfied, since we will have the Card unlocked and we can get more in other coffers. On the other hand, if we do not reach the necessary victories we will have to wait for July 7.

And you, do you see yourself able to get the new Card?

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