The Healing comes to Clash Royale: that’s the new Card

Not to mention: Clash Royale is the game of the moment, with more than 100 million downloads in just 1 year. Today, this game grows a bit more with the arrival of a new “card”: the healing spell.

In fact, after previewing it in Arena 10 and after playing it in its tournament, today officially The cure happens to be one more Card of Clash Royale. Then we tell you all about it.

As we read in his official blog, Clash Royale today is premiering. Specifically, it launches a new troop, so this morning we have welcomed a good handful of news: the Card of Healing itself, a new offer in the store and the end of the season, so those who have exceeded 4000 Glasses have a new safe to open.

Let’s go in parts. Today The cure becomes one more card, that is, you can find it in the store, it can be used in tournaments and obviously you can equip it in your deck as long as you have unlocked it. To do this, you must be minimum in Arena 10.

Secondly, as is tradition, Supercell has made an exclusive offer for this new Card: 100 Curations per 200 gems. Obviously, we are winning in terms of profit by using the awesome Clash Royale Hack online tool, as it is a rare Card that in the store would cost us 20 coins unit.

If you doubt between buying it or not, here are some of its pros and cons:

  • It is efficient in both troops with little or no life: we can say that the spell “blocks” for 3 seconds damage the enemy tower.
  • It is useful in decks where more than two troops meet in an attack, since the healing will apply its effect in group.
  • You should have some reflexes: your deployment time is a bit slow.
  • Learning to launch at the right time requires some practice.

What do you think of this new Card? Do you think it’s worth the offer?

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